What happens to the Dienstrad when the employment relationship ends?

The employee can take the bike privately, for example.

Initially, the employee is offered to take the Dienstrad privately and to terminate the existing contract. If the employee does not wish to take the Dienstrad privately, the contract can be taken by the employee to a new employer if the new employer already works with Deutsche Dienstrad. As a third option, the contract can be signed over to another employee. If none of the options is applicable, the Dienstrad will be taken back by us.

In case of termination by the employer or full disability of the employee, the Dienstrad can be returned free of charge. If the employee leaves the company at his or her own request, the following options are available:

  • The employee takes over the bicycle privately.
  • The employer takes over the bicycle as a pool vehicle.
  • The contract is taken over by another employee within their company.
  • The employee takes the contract to the new employer.
  • Return to Deutsche Dienstrad